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Asino Felice Italian School for Equidae Training Amateur Sports Association and Social Promotion Association organizes for its members and members:

Donkey training

Our donkeys are trained with gentle taming, a particular training method where a relationship of trust is established with the animal and is put in the best conditions to learn (the donkey must not be afraid of us or the tools of work we use).

After that we can start teaching the donkey our requests with techniques that can be understood by him, using a light halter, a rope and a carrot stick.

This particular training does not use coercion so as not to create trauma to the animal and makes it always available to do what is requested of it.

For those who have a donkey or a pony and want to have it trained or educated with this type of tame we offer our availability to train it at your home or at our center, also for those who wish, during the training period, they can learn the method for then be autonomous in the following months.

During their stay in our center, the donkey or pony will live in an enclosure with a shed fed with hay and grass close to its peers.

After training the donkey or pony will be able to:

- respond positively to our requests

- be brought to the halter without difficulty

- follow us, stop and retreat at our request

- give your feet and be touched everywhere without fear

- stay tied

- take the saddle or the pack for a walk

- be ridden on a walk (depending on the subject)

and will lose the following vices:

- bite

- to kick

Cost for the monthly management of the donkey for living expenses and education: from 160 euros upwards based on height

Cost for each hour of specific training: 15 euros.

Alternatively, we carry out the training at home within 10 km at a cost of 20 euros (1 hour) and outside the region at a cost of 120 euros per day + food, accommodation and transport costs.

Do you want to learn how to train your donkey but want to practice first with our already trained donkeys?

Visit the Weekly Course section

The training is carried out by a trainer recognized nationally by the primary sports promotion body recognized by CONI

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