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Asino Felice Italian School for Equidae Training Amateur Sports Association and Social Promotion Association organizes for its members and members:

Donkey Trekking

Walking with the donkey

it is a relaxing and educational experience

that's good for your mind

and to the body of those who walk.

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At one time the donkey was a reliable workmate for man, for years it was used as a pack animal to transport goods and work in the fields, but the modernity of our days and the lifestyle dictated with the increasingly rhythms fast led it to be forgotten, so much so that it risked extinction.

Precisely for this reason we have decided to enhance this animal that for the long time it has served us has never been thanked enough, implementing the donkey tourism, aimed at making the Canavese area known by visiting the numerous castles and lakes in the area, tasting typical products and making known respect for nature and animals.

What is donkey trekking?

The donkey trekking consists in carrying out excursions accompanied by donkeys carrying backpacks and the necessary material, with the advantage that the traveler will no longer have to carry weights during the journey.

However, the role of the donkey must not only be associated with a weight bearer, but with a companion who allows you to learn to savor the pleasure of slowing down, because the real journey does not consist only in knowing new lands, but also in having new ones. eyes to understand them.

The donkey is a humble animal, which adapts to any situation, even the most chaotic ones thanks to its quiet and peaceful nature, travels at a slow, safe and regular pace, attentive to everything around it, giving serenity to those who is close to him.

Throughout the year we organize excursions of one or more days accompanied by a specialized guide who will accompany donkeys and walkers throughout the journey, taking care of the welfare of the animals and ensuring that a bond is created between walker and donkey, often unforgettable.

Our treks are suitable for everyone and may have program variations depending on the needs and interests of walkers such as the duration, the type of accommodation and the place to visit.

The destinations are of cultural, naturalistic and enogastronomic interest such as agri-tourism companies, wineries, mills, castles, lakes and natural parks.

Organization of the trek

On an average day you walk 2 hours in the morning and 2 \ 3 hours in the afternoon, including many breaks to quench your thirst and rest for a few minutes while the donkeys can graze the grass.

Lunch is provided in areas equipped with typical local products that will be brought by the donkey.

For several days trekking the expected overnight is in a tent near a structure with services, but depending on your needs you can stay overnight in a B & B with a variation on the price.

Look at the technical clothing!

Look at the calendar of activities and book your trip!

trekking someggiato doma corsi asini passeggiata asino felice
trekking someggiato doma corsi asini passeggiata asino felice
trekking someggiato doma corsi asini passeggiata asino felice
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