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03 May 2018 - partner Michela Feyles

Activities: Training course

In Absolute one of the most beautiful experiences in my life so far .
Becoming a donkey was not as simple as I thought, learning to communicate correctly with these magnificent creatures is more challenging than you imagine, but when you reach the result it is an incredible emotion.
With the intention of definitely continuing to improve and study, I thank all the staff of this association and Lisa Mabilia for their patience and professionalism .
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn more about the Asinino world.

“The donkey has a perfect character and of all the humblest animals has the noblest soul; yet look how they ridiculed him. Instead of feeling honored when they call us a donkey, we are perplexed; nothing more wrong. Proud to be Asina. "

- Reviewed on Facebook

03 May 2018 - partner Enrico Laghi

Activities: Training course

The training of an Environmental Hiking Guide is and must be, continues! Specifically, I embarked on the path to propose somegged excursions. To do this, last week, I took a course in an "incredible" place, with "incredible" people but above all with "incredible " animals; the DONKEYS. I have learned a lot from them and much more, I am sure, I will learn in the future. I want to thank my instructor Lisa Mabilia , who I consider a great professional in this sector .

Thanks SIFE - Asino Felice - Italian School for Equine Training ASD APS - Reviewed on Facebook

April 20, 2018 - partner Jennifer Giomi

Activities: Training course

... tension that goes down after the exam ... crush ... the satisfaction of a good result and a baggage to take with me that has an enormous value ... the first day in the field trying to get Camilla to listen to me .. . then from Aldo ... then from Fiocco di neve ... the frustration I felt in failing ... was exactly what they wanted me to feel ... to test how capable I would have been to analyze those mistakes and become a little 'more "donkey" to communicate with their language ...
The thing that almost moves me, or at least excites me a lot, to the point of now being totally enraptured by the world of donkeys even more than horses, is that those mistakes were a reflection of myself ... of my limits ... and to overcome those mistakes you have to come face to face with yourself ... and challenge that limit of yours ...
you have to listen to yourself and listen to them ... and it is true what they say ... NO ONE SAYS IT WILL BE EASY ... BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT ...
And so it is ... I would now go back into that field, and so I will do with the donkeys that are waiting for me at "home" and I will start listening, feeling ... to find that dimension that unfortunately we are no longer looking for ... the one in which everything around is muffled and only the volume of your heartbeat rises, of your breath ... and their breath ... and the blinking of their eyelids ... and you feel the earth under your feet and you feel it underneath at the feet of that wonderful creature who has so much to give you ... as soon as you learn to ask for it and receive it ...
I owe an infinite thanks to those who allowed me to have this experience both in terms of time and in economic terms and in terms of trust in me and in this project ... thanks to my classmates thanks to whom this week was special and full of laughs and shared emotions ... and then an infinite thanks to those who, with the same simplicity with which they relate to donkeys, guided and trained us in this first step of this hopefully long journey: Lisa Mabilia .
Thank you because the extraordinary competence is not necessarily enough to be a good teacher ... while you instead have passed us every notion, every emotion, every tip or trick with incredible simplicity and clarity ... and this has done and does the difference...
I go home with the smile of someone who can't wait to put everything into practice and continue on this journey ...
night ... - Reviewed on Facebook

April 16, 2018 - partner Jennifer Giomi

Activities: Training course

And the first day of this adventure has come to an end ... as always happens when you dive into something with an open mind and desire to learn, you always come home with more questions than answers and the beauty is perhaps right there ... not you can sum up the first day ... you arrive in your hotel room at 8 pm and you are cooked ... but how many things have you tried, heard, listened to, despite being cooked, you can't help but start browsing the pantry on which to study ... and, as you browse, retrace the day ... the timid introductions at the entrance to the farmhouse before starting ... the welcome from Lisa and Walter ... then Truciolo, Biscotto and Totto. ..
The first glances at the donkeys, horses, ponies, foals ... then the presentations in the classroom ... the ambitions and a mini story of each of us ... Lisa introduces herself ... and what comes is PASSION and love infinity and the desire to convey to us how much there really is inside the RELATIONSHIP with a donkey, listening to this and the TRUE communication ...
Here we begin a general smattering ... rules, read ... bureaucracy ...
and for this reason the dispensation is necessary again ... and read and report notes next to the notes taken in the classroom ...
Then I put down the pen and think back to when the halter was put in our hands ... and we were told to try to be the donkey ...
"You wear" that halter almost incredulous and ... SBAAAM ... you are catapulted on what they feel ... you open up a world ... a world in which there is to learn to think like them, to listen to every their signal, to communicate to them with their language so subtle and difficult for us that we no longer remember what it means to "FEEL", perceive, listen not only with our ears ...
Here's if I have to sum up this first day in one word, the word would be FEEL ...
feel the enthusiasm of this adventure, feel the passion that this course wants to transmit to us, feel what it feels like, feel what they feel ... feel that there is so much, very much to learn ... feel that I am alone at the beginning of this long road, but also to feel that it is the right one ... and that step by step is the right path towards a desire that has been there for a lifetime, as they say in the drawer, and that slowly will finally come pulled out ... - Reviewed on Facebook

08 April 2018 - Annalisa Matta, mother of a partner child

Activity: Lesson with donkey

Beautiful afternoon, my baby fell in love with what he now calls "his donkey". - Reviewed on Facebook

27 June 2017 Facebook - partner Veronica Proietti

Activity: Home training

With the heart, thank you! Because to be donkeys is not enough, donkeys are the rarity. Those like you! Special thanks to Lisa for her excellent professionalism and being extraordinary. Come back soon guys, the donkeys and their owners really need people like you !! - Reviewed on Facebook

04 June 2017 - partner Corinne Wamser of "Paradasino"

Activities: Training course

Lisa, from Asino Felice, behind your young and smiling face, next to your cute donkeys ... you have one great and valid experience with donkeys and an indisputable professionalism as well as an exceptional communication talent to share your passion.
Your advice for those who want to learn (and for those who know how to grasp them) are precious and right. You carry a great deal of love and respect for these charming long-eared animals.

Brava! Go on like this 😉. - Reviewed on Facebook

May 20, 2017 Froggy-TI2014 visitor

Activities: Trekking with donkeys

Trekking with donkeys

Located outside the town, near a pine forest, the structure houses mainly donkeys but also some horses, a pony, a dog, a cat and a nice little goat. In addition to organizing courses for the management of donkeys , the owners also offer pleasant trekking in the area in the company of donkeys . An exceptional experience that I have wanted to do for a long time and which took place last Easter. Already I want to go back for another walk with Aldo and Heidi. - Reviewed on Trip Advisor

October 26, 2016 - partner Sara Fantino

Activities: Training course

The course is serious and enriching . Lisa Mabilia talks about topics she knows well and which she deepens with clarity, intelligence and professionalism.
Highly recommended. - Reviewed on Facebook

12 October 2016 - shareholder Gabriella Kropp

Activities: Training course

I had been waiting for the course for a long time.

I must say that the experience has been and still is, above my expectations!
Perfect environment, wonderful donkeys, nice group and a lot of respect for the teacher Lisa! Wow what to say, but great cool! Highly recommend to everyone - Reviewed on Facebook

12 October 2016 - partner Antonio Lacaria - Facebook

Activities: Training course

Wonderful experience, lovely animals, I discovered a new world thanks to a really knowledgeable teacher :-) - Reviewed on Facebook

November 23, 2015 - partner Stefano Gennari - Msg

Activities: Training course

After taking the course I look and think about my donkeys in a different way now, more aware ... Thank you so much, for everything ... You have passion and competence, keep it up! Congratulations! Good, good, good !!! - Reviewed with message

21 October 2015 - member Giada Donini - Trip Advisor

Activities: Training course

Very beautifull! I went there to get to know the world of donkeys up close and it was a wonderful experience !! I attended the course and I can't wait to go back , Lisa really teaches you everything she knows (which is a lot) and takes care of a bunch of beautiful and very nice donkeys that sometimes have not had a good past. It is also recommended as an activity for children who immediately fall in love with these animals ! - Reviewed on Trip Advisor

03 October 2015 - Alfredo Gatto


Asino Felice ... A paradise also for enthusiasts.

Thanks to Lisa ... Courtesy ... Professionalism and a lot of passion ... It is necessary to come to discover that even in Rondissone there is a corner of paradise on the back of donkeys - Reviewed on Trip Advisor

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