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Asino Felice Italian School for Equidae Training Amateur Sports Association and Social Promotion Association organizes for its members and members:

Happy donkey guests

Donkey-sized management

If you have your own donkey or pony have you never thought about taking it to the happy donkey?

You can come and visit him and do activities and walks with him when you want, you can participate in lessons and courses and on request he will be:

- treated and rehabilitated if he has health problems (obviously supported by our trusted veterinarians)

- re-educated if he has behavioral problems (bites, kicks, is dominant, fearful or has particular vices)

- ethologically trained for donkey trekking, for activities with children, to be ridden or to pull the gig

The cost starts from 160 euros upwards based on the height at the withers.

- one lesson per month for free

- excluding medical examinations, hoof trimming, deworming and medicines


Our donkeys and those of private individuals are managed and treated in the same way, apart from the first insertion period where the newcomer will spend a few days in the protected area to settle in, will live in a herd with the other donkeys, will be checked every day, brushed at least once a week and treated for any problem by promptly contacting the owner.

Management is the same for everyone, in case of physical problems the protected and veterinary area is always available for the necessary treatments.

Our "Happy Paddock" is divided by serpentine corridors that guarantee continuous movement between the feeding area and the drinking area, thus ensuring optimal health of the body and mind.

The donkeys have hay available several times a day in controlled doses and clean water is guaranteed 24 hours.

At night donkeys and ponies are hospitalized in multiple stables where they can sleep in the company of the best friends of the herd, with ecological flooring in recycled rubber, biococco, the innovative litter in coconut fiber that guarantees hygiene and well-being of the animals.

The stables are comfortable and equipped with drinks.

For more information contact us, we are available to host donkeys for a few days, weeks, months or years.

asino felice trekking asini
Asino Felice Trekking con gli asini Lisa Mabilia
trekking asini
poitou pirenei trekking asini
poitou pirenei trekking asini
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