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Activities for schools, summer camps and groups

The Asino Felice amateur sports association organizes various educational and training activities for children for school groups, summer camps and social centers and groups to introduce them to the world of horse riding and donkeys.

During these days the children will come into direct contact with the animals and will learn the right approach to approach, groom them and establish good communication with them which will then allow them to lead them safely and with great skill on an obstacle course and on a walk.

The conduct of the donkey is a real art reserved for all those who want to enter the world of donkeys

"It is not with the carrot or with the stick that we conquer the donkey but with humility, goodness of mind and wisdom"

The activities are managed by technicians specialized in horse riding and donkey trekking, nationally recognized by ASC, a sports body recognized by CONI and by collaborating members, the donkeys are educated to contact children and trained to do activities.

The structure offers toilets and educational rooms and the activities start at a cost of 15 euros per child.


09.00 Welcome greetings and presentation of animals and activities, division into groups in the case of large groups

09.30 am Practical lesson in the field with donkeys - group A

Theoretical lesson on the basics of donkey management - group B

10.30 am Snack break

11.00 am Practical lesson in the field with donkeys - group B

Theoretical lesson on the basics of donkey management - group A

12.00 End of morning activities, lunch and free play

2.00 pm Lesson on donkeys dressing with packs and a walk with donkeys in the countryside

16.00 Greetings

We offer the availability to use the premises for packed lunches.


Practical lesson with donkeys with grooming and driving on an obstacle course, arrival times, interval and exit to be agreed based on school availability, the cost refers to the stay on site only in the morning


A series of periodic meetings to become an asinine expert

1 * meeting - donkey grooming and driving on a path

2 * meeting - donkey dressing with saddle and walk

3 * meeting - donkey dressing and saddle baptism

4 * meeting - the story of our donkeys and games

The meetings last half a day and for the entire journey we ask for an additional insurance of 15 euros per child

Pro.muovi saperi e sapori lago di candia asini bambini asino felice

Asino Felice Italian School for Equidae Training Amateur Sports Association and Social Promotion Association organizes for its members and members:

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