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Who we are

Asino Felice SIFE Italian Equine Training School is a non-profit amateur sports and social promotion association registered with the primary sports body recognized by CONI, it deals with the recovery of abused, debilitated or behavioral problems animals.

The recovered animals are then adopted by new families or they stay at our center and help us in the activities of ethological management information, they are masters in training courses, they accompany us on long walks and bring children closer to nature.

The activities are reserved for members and we offer donkey trekking, mounted excursions, donkey rides, donkey riding lessons, activities for children, family days, educational activities for schools and summer centers, birthdays for children and events, natural and ethological training for donkeys and ponies with gentle taming, monthly management of donkeys and private ponies in Happy Paddock, equipment and enough for donkeys.

Governing Council
Lisa Mabilia

President of Asino Felice SIFE ASD APS and founding partner

Stable manager who works as an instructor, trainer, equestrian guide and donkey horse riding, with qualifications recognized throughout the national level by a primary sports body of the CONI

Italian donkey sector teacher and trainer of someggiato equitourism technicians

3rd level active technician for national journeys ASI year 2020

Former 3rd level technician trips mounted LIBERTAS year 2019

Former 2nd level trekking technician LIBERTAS year 2019

Former 2nd level technician of LIBERTAS campaign riding year 2019

Former 2nd level technician of ASC country riding from 2015 to 2018

Former 1st level donkey donkey technician ASC from 2015 to 2018

Former 1st and 2nd level ENDAS riding technician from 2012 to 2014

Parelli certificates: 1st level Savvy OnLine

He began to practice horseback riding at the age of 8, changing different riding schools and disciplines, the passion for donkeys was born during his agricultural studies in 2007 where he met a 21-year-old donkey named Ringo and immediately established a particular and unique bond, he soon bought it and spared him a bad end.

In 2010 he worked as a trainee at "Il Rifugio degli Asinelli ONLUS", an international association for the recovery of abused or abandoned donkeys.

In 2011 she graduated in agriculture and later met expert people who taught her a new way to relate to horses, allowing her to establish a solid bond in a natural way, restoring dignity and serenity to the horse. No more boxes, shoes, hair clippers, blankets, strange mouthpieces or various gadgets, but only what the horse really needed.

In 2012 he specialized as an Endas equestrian guide recognized by CONI and worked at a dairy donkey farm where he trained dozens of pack donkeys with sweet taming, for onotherapy and in saddle (the three gaits plus the jump).

In 2013 she specialized as an Endas instructor and trainer recognized by CONI and opened Asino Felice ASD to share experience and millions of emotions with all nature and donkey lovers.

In 2015 he took the title of ASC level 2 country riding and thanks to the sports institution he opened the new donkey sector, thus becoming a donkey riding teacher to give everyone the opportunity to become professional technicians to do activities with donkeys independently.

In 2016 he recovers the 74 * donkey stallion of the Pantesco breed in extinction, giving one more chance of survival of the breed.

In 2017 he created the website , a network of centers that carry out activities with donkeys using the ethological method throughout Italy.

In the same year he travels throughout Italy with the donkey stallion Pantesco Horus for demonstrations on the ethological method and revaluation of the breed, such as at the Santerno fair in Imola and begins the path in the advancement of Parelli levels of ethological taming by sending the official auditions to the States. United.

In 2018 she was included in the scientific committee for the IAA Assisted Interventions with Animals and became a teacher of preparatory courses for Pet Therapy in Turin.

In 2019 he received the certificate of suitability for the figures of "Donkey assistant" and "Horse assistant" for the IAA Animal Assisted Interventions, issued by the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of the Venezie after evaluation by the CRN IAA and the opinion expressed by the Ministry of Health.

In the same year he took the title of 2nd level trekking technician and 3rd level mounted travel technician.

In his spare time he deals with the creation of light wooden saddles for donkeys and horses and other leather equipment.

Nicolò Lenarda

Tecnico istruttore attivo di monta da lavoro, specialità monta maremmana ASI Nazionale anno 2022-2023-2024

Maniscalco formato all'Accademia Mascalcia e Podologia Equina di Lodi 

Nato in campagna, con i cavalli in giardino e cresciuto in quella terra chiamata Maremma con la passione dello stare in mezzo ai cavalli e all'aria aperta. La passione per la doma e per l'addestramento dei cavalli gli è stata tramandata dagli ultimi vecchi butteri che lo hanno onorato della loro amicizia, simpatia e scuola. Al contrario di ciò che si pensa la doma maremmana, come tutte le dome, se fatta bene non traumatizza il cavallo, ma lo rende un fedele compagno d'avventure.

Facendo il corso da maniscalco presso l'Accademia Mascalcia e Podologia Equina di Lodi e seguendo vari maniscalchi si dedica al pareggio e alla ferratura di cavalli e asini da lavoro e non.

Dopo 15 anni di esperienza di cavalli domati alla maremmana acquisisce nel 2022 il titolo di istruttore di monta da lavoro con specialità monta maremmana rilasciato dal primario ente sportivo riconosciuto dal CONI e apre un suo centro in Lazio nella sua terra d'origine.

Michela Feyles

Tecnico istruttore attivo 1°livello asino someggiato ASI Nazionale anno 2019-2022

Diploma perito tecnico agrario

Diplomata in agraria e appassionata di cavalli e asini da sempre, ora collabora in associazione svolgendo attività con asini ludiche, ricreative e sportive principalmente con bambini.

La sua asina Lady ha raggiunto il nostro centro nel 2018 e ritrovando il suo equilibrio può svolgere ora con Michela tante avventure con serenità.

Andrea Peretto

Founding member of Asino Felice SIFE ASD APS

Graduated in agriculture and passionate about horses from an early age, he made his passion a profession by opening in 2001 a company of innovative boxes and structures for horses.

Owner of the horses Sole, Sugar, Imperatore, of the donkey Toffee and a great lover of walks and trekking, in the last 10 years he discovered the ethological method that allows him to face the fears and problems of horses in a more natural way.

In recent years he has become very interested in barefoot barefoot and has studied in depth the various dynamics of the foot following veterinarians and joggers from Piedmont, helping horses with serious problems of laminitis to return to walk and feel good.

For 8 years he has been helping our donkeys to have healthy hooves ready to face every walk and in 2019 he studies at the Barefoot Horse Italia school and becomes a BHI jogger, or a professional in the natural care of the equine hoof.

Asino Felice Trekking con gli asinistallone Lisa Mabilia piemonte canavese pantesco pantelleria horus
Asino Felice Trekking con gli asini Lisa Mabilia piemonte canavese
Giovanni e Lisa Mabilia Staff Asino Felice
Andrea Peretto staff Asino Felice piemonte canavese

I membri del nostro consiglio direttivo

Giovanni Mabilia


Socio fondatore

Lisa Mabilia


Socio fondatore

Silvia Poma


Socio fondatore

Andrea Peretto


Socio fondatore

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