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Donkeys looking for home

Below is a list of donkeys looking for a house, they are given as a gift only to those who are aware of the commitment that a donkey gives, which guarantees suitable accommodation and who treated it with care and respect.

Some donkeys are healthy and educated, others have physical or behavioral problems that we can solve by keeping the donkey with us for a period, once the problem is solved it can go to its new home, only reimbursement of maintenance costs will be required for the management period with us.

No dealers No reproduction

Emilia Romagna
Formigine (MO)

Whole male donkey of medium size, 125 cm high at the withers, accustomed to saddle and saddle, very neurile, suitable only for enthusiasts and experts.

For information write to Agrari Giuliano on Facebook

poitou andaluso trekking asini

A whole 11-year-old male donkey in perfect health, very docile with humans, until a few years ago it was saddled.

For information, contact Stefano Ranalli directly on facebook.

poitou andaluso trekking asini
poitou andaluso trekking asini
poitou andaluso trekking asini

A vailable

Do you know a donkey in trouble or looking for a home?

Contact us! We will take care of him or take care of finding him a family or a place that suits his needs.

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