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Asino Felice Italian School for Equidae Training Amateur Sports Association and Social Promotion Association organizes for its members and members:


Lesson with the donkey

For those who want to learn how to ride the donkey, we provide specialized technicians in the sector to safely learn the basics of horse riding with the intent of being able to walk on donkey's back among the wonderful paths of our area. .

The lessons are aimed at children over 5 years of age, children and adults who do not exceed 70 kg in weight (in a few months we will make available our larger donkeys that will be able to carry people who are a little heavier).

The first part of the lesson (the most important) takes place from the ground where you learn to communicate in the right way with the animal by establishing a relationship of trust and respect.

The second part takes place from the saddle, who rides the donkey must be able to mount with a light halter with simplicity and tranquility making the animal understand what it must do without coercion.

When the person feels safe in the saddle and will be able to handle the animal safely, you can take mounted walks among the many trails in our area.

For those who do not want to ride the donkey but just want to learn to relate to him in the right way or want to learn how to train them with the natural method, we can organize one or more lessons from the ground even with more donkeys where you can establish a particular bond with them. .

Cost for a one hour lesson from the ground or from the saddle or for a donkey ride: € 15.00 + annual insurance

Riding lessons from the ground or from the saddle and mounted rides can be performed both during the week and on weekends by prior arrangement.

Look at the appropriate clothing!

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