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Training course

for the patent of a donkey and mounted technician

National sport donkey sector training

Do you want to become a donkey technician to do activities with children and adults?

By acquiring the Donkey Skilled Technician patent, you are enabled to:

  • open your own center or give ownership to an existing center

  • carry out playful, recreational and sporting activities with children and adults throughout the national territory

  • accompany in day excursions

  • participate in events

  • carry out baptism of the saddle for children

Continuing in the levels you will also be enabled for:

- accompany in day hikes

- accompanying several days in trekking with support points

- accompany you on trips of several days in autonomy

- teach basic donkey riding

- accompany you on self-guided tours lasting several days

This patent is in compliance with the regional law n. 61 of 01/10/2002 art.8-3 ° paragraph which specifies that in sports activities, including those with equidae, the activities must be followed by a qualified instructor specific to the discipline, that is, only those in possession of a degree in motor science or patents issued by the Region, by National Federations or Sports Promotion Bodies recognized by CONI, these patents, in order to have legality, must be issued directly by the aforementioned bodies or by federations recognized by CONI and not indirectly.

Asino Felice Italian School for Equidae Training ASD APS is the only national training center for the donkey sector, training begins with the 1 level course. See here: 5-day weekly course and " weekend course"

The following are the characteristics of the patents in the donkey T and mounted M sector
- 1st level T - Donkey donkey technician
- 2nd level T - Donkey trekking technician
- 3rd level T - Someggiati travel technician
- 2nd level M - Mounted donkey technician
- 3rd level M - Mounted travel technician

Asino Felice Italian School for Equidae Training Amateur Sports Association and Social Promotion Association organizes for its members and members:

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