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Step to acquire the 3rd level patent T.

"Someggiati travel technician"

The someggiati travel technician is qualified to:

  • open your own center or give ownership to a center

  • carry out playful and recreational activities with children and adults

  • accompany you from the ground on self-guided trips lasting several days

  • participate in events

  • carry out baptism of the saddle

and, in order to maintain operations:

  • must be in good standing with ASC renewals

  • participate in the biennial updates

To obtain the patent it is necessary:

1) Participate in the 32 hours of training on donkey trekking

2) Pass the test to pass the course where the Someggiati Travel Qualification will be issued, this allows you to register for national exams to obtain the Someggiati Travel Technician Patent

This qualification certifies:

  • Membership of a Club / ASD;

  • Participation by the owner in an advanced course of at least 90 hours;

  • Knowledge of the minimum safety criteria;

  • The ability to be able to face natural difficulties with confidence;

  • The ability to be able to independently manage their donkey during independent journeys from the ground

  • The ability to organize and manage a trip independently

  • A theoretical knowledge rooted in hippology and equestrian technique;

  • Eligibility for Sporting Events

For the release it is required:

  • the medical certificate of healthy and robust constitution for Equestrian Activities;

  • tetanus vaccination certification;

  • having attended a theoretical / practical course of at least 90 hours.

  • Having carried out at least a two-day donkey trek in autonomy

3) Register for the national exams organized by the sports organization which will be organized once / twice a year.

To access the exams you need:

  • be over 18 years old;

  • be duly registered for the current year;

  • have a skilled trekking technician license (2nd level - (T)

  • having had a 32 hour training in handling the donkey from the ground in donkey trips

  • have carried out at least one independent two-day trek

  • be in possession of the "someggiati travel license";

  • have no criminal charges.

4) Pass the exam

Exams for technical managers take place before a national commission and consist of 3 checks:

1. Written test with free answers

2. Oral examination lasting 32/45 minutes

3. Practice check with the donkey

The result will be communicated at the end of the exam session. If the result is positive, the official Technical Framework diploma will be sent once signed by the sports organization.

The path does not end here!
Below are all patents in the donkey sector
- 1st level T - Donkey Technician
- 2nd level T - Someggiato Trekking Technician
- 3rd level T - Someggiati Travel Technician
- 2nd level M - Mounted Donkey Technician
- 3rd level M - Mounted Travel Technician

Asino Felice Italian School for Equidae Training Amateur Sports Association and Social Promotion Association organizes for its members and members:

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