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Asino Felice Italian School for Equidae Training Amateur Sports Association and Social Promotion Association organizes for its members and members:

Attrezzature per asini

Basto basti asino attrezzature,vendita,trekking someggiato professionali
Suffice it craftsmanship

The saddle is built in very resistant oak wood treated with impregnating agent to avoid damage over time, it is joined by screws and joints to ensure resistance to weight (inserted without giving protrusions).

The beige leather is firmly fixed and is very resistant and durable over time.

The pack is designed to be fixed very comfortably with girths that do not slide the pack sideways, forwards or backwards (NOT INCLUDED).

The advantage of these suffices is that they weigh little (5kg) and are adaptable to all types of healthy donkeys.

The pack is not suitable for donkeys smaller than 110 cm due to the too short back and for donkeys that are too thin, fat or elderly with a saddle back.

With a blanket it is also convenient for carrying children as by attaching to the joints in front they feel safer than a saddle.

Our basti are built with the highest quality materials, are used assiduously in the best associations, organizations and farms throughout Italy that after years continue to have a super efficient and safe product.

"Who spends more spends less". At the moment we are building the new series at 410 euros + VAT. Don't miss the opportunity! Book your pack.

Basto basti asino attrezzature,vendita,trekking someggiato professionali
Pack bags

At the moment we do not supply pack bags, we advise you to apply two normal backpacks to the pack, they are very comfortable to put on and take off.

Saddle bags

100% cotton bags ideal for daily trekking applicable on the saddle through hooks that are attached to the rings (bells) of the saddle.

The stitching is done by hand to increase its resistance and the product is created on commission.

Available colors: brown, green, orange, blue, purple.

The measure is unique. Currently available at 75 euros including VAT and shipping.

Basto basti asino attrezzature,vendita,trekking someggiato professionali
sacche da basto attrezzature asini
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