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The "Recupero Felice" initiative consists in giving a second chance to the less fortunate donkeys that, due to incorrect management, are given away as a result of family problems, physical or psychological problems of the animals.
In the "adoptions" section you can find some donkeys looking for help, you can choose the one that suits you best and then take it to our center for health practice (vaccinations, deworming, hoof trimming, teeth filing) relying on our veterinary experts, then the educational part will follow where the donkey will learn to be touched everywhere, to be led to halter and to be given his feet.
After this period (at least one month) you can bring home a healthy and well socialized donkey!
Immagine 2022-12-18 123610_edited.jpg

1 - Save a donkey looking for a house you can find it here

2 - Keep him at our center to rehabilitate him physically and educate him psychologically

3 - Take it home with you!

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