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Cost of activities for members

(per person)

Membership fee (includes insurance)


Half day sun excursion

Someday excursion all day

2 days donkey trekking


Lesson 1 hour

Lesson 2 hours

Lesson 3 hours

Course 1 day 4 hours

Course 1 day 6 hours

Weekly course 5 days, 30 hours

Course registration fee (includes membership fee)

End-of-course test / qualification to access the patent exams

5 lessons card (instead of 75 euros)                                   

Donkey training at home outside the region

Per day (excluding travel)

To register for courses / lessons, you must send an email and fill in the following form

Asino Felice Italian School for Equidae Training Amateur Sports Association and Social Promotion Association organizes for its members and members:

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