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Asino Felice Italian School for Equidae Training Amateur Sports Association and Social Promotion Association organizes for its members and members:


Our association does not have employees who take care of animals or do activities but has very helpful members who help us in case of need.

Donkeys need someone who feeds them every day, who brushes them, takes care of them and to ensure their well-being, they need to keep their enclosures clean regularly, and to keep them in shape, they need to take them for a walk and give them some exercise. occasionally, making sure that the equipment is always in good condition.

But it doesn't end there, in a center like ours there may be a need to take care of green spaces by cutting the grass, organizing fences and creating flower beds, organizing events and helping us manage donkeys in recreational activities with children and adults.

If you have free time and want to spend a few hours in a healthy and open-air environment, come and visit us, we will get to know each other and we will organize days according to your availability and ability.

To volunteer, you must be a member of the association, and accident insurance is also included in the annual fee of 15 euros.

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