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Donkey trekking for four days

From Thursday 25 July to Sunday 28 July

From Thursday 15th August to Sunday 18th August

In these four days you will pleasantly walk among the Erbaluce vineyards, the beautiful woods of the Canavese and the park of Lake Candia accompanied by donkeys, the paths are almost totally in the shade in the cool of the trees making us almost forget the summer heat.

The walk with the slow and sure step of the donkey gives serenity and tranquility, a nice way to relax while having fun with friends or relatives and to meet new people with love for nature and animals.

The route includes a journey of about 10 km per day well distributed throughout the day so as not to get tired and there are no particular differences in height to allow everyone to participate, adults, children and teenagers.

The donkeys will take the contents of our backpacks to our place and will be accompanied by an equestrian guide who will help the right relationship between donkeys and people.

The first and last night's reservation is in a room of the castle of Candia, where we will attend two Jazz concerts, the second night instead includes an overnight stay in a tent with adjacent services and dinner in a farmhouse.

The price per person for four days including guide, donkeys, meals, accommodation and insurance is 300 euros.

For information and reservations contact us!

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