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1 - Save a donkey looking for a house you can find it here

2 - Keep him at our center to rehabilitate him physically and educate him psychologically

3 - Take it home with you!

The "Recupero Felice" initiative consists in giving a second chance to the less fortunate donkeys that, due to incorrect management, are given away as a result of family problems, physical or psychological problems of the animals.
In the "adoptions" section you can find some donkeys looking for help, you can choose the one that suits you best and then take it to our center for health practice (vaccinations, deworming, hoof trimming, teeth filing) relying on our veterinary experts, then the educational part will follow where the donkey will learn to be touched everywhere, to be led to halter and to be given his feet.
After this period (at least one month) you can bring home a healthy and well socialized donkey!
Donkeys that have changed their lives

Giorgietto - Piedmont

Castrated male donkey of 12 years, gray sorcino, large size, of the Romagnolo breed, bought from breeding he was the thinnest and was raised by a family in Emilia Romagna who took care of him by giving him a lot of love.

Unfortunately, living without other peers, he began to have aggressive behaviors towards humans and tried to bite his face, until over the years the problem has worsened and has become unfriendly, to the point of not being able to enter the enclosure without being attacked.

We became aware of this situation thanks to the owner who asked us for help, so we went to pick him up and took him to our center.

The first period was challenging but within a few months he integrated into the herd with other donkeys learning to manage his energy and became a very good donkey that no longer tried to bite.

After a couple of years, given her docility and her desire to walk and experience adventures with the man, she found a new home in the family, with another donkey.

Snowflake - Piedmont

10-year-old female donkey very quiet and reliable, she was recovered in 2017 from a situation of mismanagement, although much loved by the old owners she was fed with unsuitable foods such as bread, candies, fruit and rich grass, so she arrived very fat and with misshapen hooves.

The donkey cannot defend itself from insects because it has its tail cut off, during its life it has been torn from it by another donkey, fortunately being our state-of-the-art facility with insect containment, it will not have dermatitis problems.

After spending a year with us and having a thousand new experiences, she was adopted by our pupil Daniela and now makes many people happy who want to know the donkey and walk in the paths around Valperga.

NUBE and CHECCA - Piedmont

Two large 3 year old donkeys recovered from neglect and mismanagement.
Cloud came to us with a tight rope around his neck with which he shared his days (we also had difficulty removing it) which left two deep wounds now healed and created an edema causing his neck to swell, he has long hooves to cut, absence of vaccinations and internal and external parasites.
Even Checca, who came from another country, is not better off, limps due to the neglect of her hooves which have grown out of all proportion and hurt her a lot, at the moment of cutting her nails the jogger found the worm he had eaten much of the hoof wall forcing her to walk with the sensitive parts of the foot.

They arrived very fearful of man and they made a couple from the first moment they saw each other and now only inseparable, they let themselves be approached, caressed and put on the halter, soon they will finish the vaccination plan and the health practice and once educated to be led well to the halter they will join their new family in Valchiusella.

PACHO - from Turin to Monza without biting anyone

Pacho is a beautiful 5-year-old small-sized donkey who, due to incorrect management, began to bite and to be unmanageable, this is because the distance from his peers was a reason for great stress.

When he reached the age of five, the owner decided to give it away due to an increasingly tiring management.

He spent a month with a happy donkey to file the hooves, make vaccines and wormers and after a few educational sessions he showed himself to be a quiet and sociable donkey with us and our donkeys, without any desire to bite or hurt.

Now Pacho is in Monza on a farm where he lives peacefully with the donkey Gelsomina and her sheep friends, without biting anyone! : D

BAMBI - from Cuneo to Sondrio with a few kilos more and a few centimeters less nails

Bambi is a very sweet 11-year-old donkey who lived in the Cuneo area on an educational farm, due to some family misfortunes after a few years the little Bambi no longer received the necessary care due to lack of funds, so our pupil Paolo met her. and fell in love with it.

He remained a happy donkey for four months, on his arrival he had very long hooves with inflamed tendons, he was short of vaccinations and his udder, swollen from the absence of the foal, became ill with mastitis.

After having treated and rehabilitated her, her owner Paolo took her with him to Lombardy where she now takes long relaxing walks.

GIGIO and FILIPPA - from the Vercelli countryside to the Lanzo valley

Gigio and Filippa are two donkeys recovered after 10 years closed in a box.
Filippa was very thin when she arrived, her hooves were deformed to the point of not standing up, she struggled to chew, she had parasites in her feces and blood in her urine, we thought she could not survive when she arrived.
Gigio arrived whole and we immediately castrated him, he was thin and had very very long hooves that twisted his limbs and inflamed his tendons.

After 4 months of treatment at our center they reached their new home in the Lanzo valleys, they gained weight, the hair is much more beautiful and they started a new life!

Do you know a donkey in trouble or looking for a home?

Contact us! We will take care of him or take care of finding him a family or a place that suits his needs.

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trekking asini

Cloud and Checca

Asino Felice Trekking con gli asini Lisa Mabilia


Asino Felice Trekking con gli asini Lisa Mabilia
trekking asini
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