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Asino Felice Italian School for Equidae Training Amateur Sports Association and Social Promotion Association organizes for its members and members:



The association "Asino Felice ASD" offers children from 5 to 10 years of healthy fun in the open air on the occasion of lesser-known annual events such as world earth day, donkey day or grandparents' day. The project consists of 12 meetings of two hours each, grouped in the afternoon of the first Saturday of each month, from 3 to 5 pm, throughout 2017.

The program includes:

- knowledge and presentation of afternoon activities;

- walk in the enchanted pine forest, presentation of all the animals of the center, didactic and physical activity with the donkeys (brush them, take them for a walk on the lead along a path, walk for the collection of herbs and many other activities)

- manual jobs with wood material and recycled material, work related to holidays and seasonal recurrences;

- conclusion of the activities carried out and greetings.


January 7 - new year theme

February 4th - carnival theme

March 4th - spring theme

April 1 - world earth day

May 6 - world donkey day

June 3 - world oceans day

July 1 - wheat threshing theme

August 5 - shooting stars theme

September 2 - corn theme

October 7 - grandparents' day

November 4th - autumn theme

December 2 - winter theme

For each meeting a reimbursement of expenses of 15 euros per child is required, it is possible to request the Asinando 6 meetings subscription for 90 euros to have a free meeting!

We remind you that the activities are reserved for members in good standing with the payment of the annual membership and insurance fee of 15 euros. The activities are supervised by an ASC instructor and equestrian guide recognized throughout the national territory by CONI, and by collaborating partners.

We recommend that you bring a small snack and wear comfortable clothing with sneakers or boots, for the summer bring a hat and sunscreen.

In case of bad weather the day is not postponed as the manual activities will be carried out in a special didactic room. To receive information and to communicate the presence or absence we recommend contacting us at least two days before.

Asino Felice - Amateur Sports Association - Lisa Mabilia - - 3490515738

Strada Ronchi 16, 13043 Cigliano (VC)


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