Course on the fit of the saddle for the rider and for the equine,

be it donkey, mule or horse.

Teacher: Gianni West
Arrival and presentations at 9.00
Theoretical course starts at 9.30 with explanations and illustrations
From 2 pm practical tests on donkeys and horses of custom-made saddles and commercial saddles
5 pm end of the course
Cost of the course € 30 + lunch € 10  
- Reasons for buying a saddle: correct order of priorities
- The back of the donkey, the mule and the horse
- Rider attitude
- Correct saddle position
- Pressure points of the tree on the back of the equine
- Possible alternatives: the custom saddle and the commercial saddle
- How do we check if a commercial saddle is suitable for the back of the equine
- Frequent questions
The course will be held at the headquarters of Asino Felice ASD in via Regione Rossana 7, 10035 Mazzè (TO), reservations are required at 3490515738 or via email