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Our area and points of naturalistic interest

Molino Vecchio special nature reserve

The reserve extends east of the town of Rondissone, on a total area of 190 hectares, on the border between the provinces of Turin and Vercelli and in the municipalities of Mazzè, Rondissone and Saluggia. The reserve protects the stretch of the Dora Baltea river and the surrounding area between the Padana Superiore road and the A4 motorway. The area, eroded by the river over the millennia, creating a typical and vast river valley, is located at a lower altitude than the surrounding alluvial terrace. The landscape is characterized by large gravels and beaches and by interesting wooded areas with riparian vegetation (poplars, willows, alders, etc.) and by poplar or robini groves surrounded by arable land and meadows. Inside the reserve there are also some beautiful farmhouses with architectural characteristics of transition between the Canavese typology and that of the Vercelli plain. The reserve takes its name from the old mill present here, now being restored. The area is crossed by the cycle path n. 7 of the Po Park, which in this area crosses a canal thanks to a special wooden bridge inaugurated in 2005.

The Special Nature Reserve of Mulino Vecchio, as well as by the law establishing the Po Park, is also protected under the regional law n. 47 of 3 April 1995 "Regulations for the protection of biotopes", of Decision 85/338 / EEC of 27 June 1985 and of Directive 92/43 / EEC of 21 May 1992, as it was judged "ecological entity of significant interest for the conservation of nature "and therefore subject to an environmental-landscape constraint pursuant to the law of 8 August 1985, n. 431 and the European legislation, which recognized it as SIC - Site of Community Importance.

Natural reserve of the Po park

The territory of a river and that of the hill that borders it to the east is a unique scenario that few large urban centers boast: the Turin area has this fortune. We are apparently far from the stereotype of the "Natural Park" which refers us to the great woods, the white peaks, the herds of wild animals. Here we are inserted in an anthropized fabric where habitats and important historical architectural excellences coexist: a set of protected areas set up to improve an urbanized environment, and therefore also to provide opportunities for recreation and open air to about two million citizens and tourists who here come. The rivers of the Turin area are places of nature, of exciting river landscapes, corridors for the migration of avifauna, where the evidence of the history that has linked man to the river still remains. The Turin hill is still a treasure trove of woods and landscapes that overlook the uniqueness of the Alpine circle that we can admire from Turin.

"Lago di San Pietro" naturalistic recreational oasis (4 km away)

The naturalistic oasis, still under completion, is divided into an interesting natural wetland area, where there are two artificial lakes and a structure for the breeding of fish.

The humid area extends over 20 hectares and has springs active all year round, a rich and valuable native fauna, a vegetation of hydrophilic groves and characteristic undergrowth, surrounded by meadows sown with hemp sativa, borage, phacelia and useful buckwheat, the latter, for the production of honey.

The small lake of about 3 hectares is already used for sport fishing for trout, carp and tench; the management is entrusted to the Guardiapesca Association of the province of Turin. The approximately 12-hectare lake is being completed and will allow the breeding of the finest fish such as bleak, whitefish and sturgeon.

Walking in the oasis will be a unique experience, where it will be possible to closely observe and get to know the flora and fauna of the wetlands, analyze the natural and artificial dynamics of the water, the biological balances and management techniques with reduced environmental impact.

A graceful structure made entirely of wood will be made available as a shelter for fishermen and as an educational space for visiting groups.

Agrobiotourist company "A Casa di Giò" and B&B (6 km away)

The company is located in MAZZE '(TO), CASALE hamlet, in the beautiful and fertile Canavese countryside, on an area of 60 Piedmontese days (25 hectares) surrounded by extensive forests of locust trees and green meadows rich in flowers and various spontaneous essences. .

The company has been cultivating according to organic farming methods since 1988, and is certified by ICEA (Institute for ETHICAL and ENVIRONMENTAL Certification).

Alongside the kiwi plantation (primary fruit production), walking in the orchard, you can among other things find various botanical curiosities and apples of ancient varieties, which make this place certainly unique and to be discovered.

Thanks to the ancient association of pollination by bees with plants, for some years now a part of the company activity has been oriented towards beekeeping.

It produces fruit, jams, honey and recently also a "very delicate on the palate" honey vinegar.

Particular attention is paid to energy problems, consumption and production of green energy.

Since the summer of 2008, an accommodation facility has been opened, where it is possible to stay overnight and have breakfast, enjoying, among other things, some farm products such as honey and jams.

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