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Let's help Yorgo heal with a t-shirt!

Participate in the fundraiser by purchasing the beautiful T-SHIRT WITH THE PORTRAIT OF YORGO for 19 euros + shipping costs or hand delivery, or by making a free donation (with a downloadable receipt from the tax return), every small contribution will be useful to recover the expenses medical.

Yorgo is a donkey recovered from the Asino Felice association 3 years ago, he was in serious condition, very thin, with long hooves, fly larvae in the legs and internal and external parasites.
Already after 6 months the hooves returned to a more normal shape, he gained weight, the injuries to his legs healed and he regained confidence in the man.
It was not easy because his hatred for humans due to abandonment did not allow us to approach him for treatment but within 6 months we were able to recover him psychologically thanks to our experts.

Now, however, another problem has put him to the test: LAMINITE , a hoof disease that lasts for years that prevents him from walking normally due to localized pain and inflammation, is treated with anti-inflammatories, painkillers, purifiers, diuretics and balances of the regular hoof, a very long healing process that lasts at least a year.
For the first 10 days of treatment we paid 90 euros between veterinarians and anti-inflammatories and 250 euros for products that will allow him to continue the treatment for a month.
It is a donkey that has survived years of neglect, recovered in a sorry state and we are trying to bring it back to optimal health, the path is long, in these three years there have been many ups and downs due to its laminitis and treatments turned out to be more expensive than expected.

At the end of the fundraiser we will publish a photo of Yorgo with the names of all those who have helped us, you can also follow the improvements on our Facebook page where you will also find photos of their arrival.

The t-shirt is white in 100% cotton with the Yorgo portrait print designed by Fabio Petrarchin

19 euro T-SHIRT + shipping or hand delivery
- WOMEN model from XS to XXL
- UNISEX CLASSIC model from XS to 4XL
- CLASSIC model for children of all ages

TANK 24 euro + shipping or hand delivery
- WOMAN model from XS to XL

For donations or t-shirt purchases, send email to to get the details of the bank transfer, shipping information and timing.

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